About the Author and Illustrator

Candace G Conradi

Candace George Conradi continues to write. She is also a Living Your Design professional coach.

When The Gentle Pine's Purpose came to Candace it was nothing similar to any of her previous creative experiences. At every turn, the right people showed up at the right time in the right way. Once written, and as she moved to publish the manuscript, an illustrator was needed. That is when she discovered Dylan Martin, a 14-year old whose artistic genius drew the attention of  DJ's on a local early morning radio show.

The rest is history, or Gentle Pine's story, as the saying goes.

Every step along the way while creating The Gentle Pine's Purpose was filled with synchronicity and dare I say magic. The Pine asks the question we all ask, "Why am I here?" and profound answer it comes to is inspirational.

Candace George Conradi, the author of The Gentle Pine's Purpose, continues to write and create stories. She understands the power of storytelling and that "every life lived is a story waiting to be written," even a that of a gentle pine.

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Dylan Martin - 2010



Dylan Martin is a professional graphic artist and brand consultant. At the time that The Gentle Pine's Purpose was illustrated, Dylan was a 14 year-old middle school student. Since then, Dylan has graduated from University of California San Diego with a multi-media degree and pursued a career in the artistic field. He has worked with and helped revitalize the brands of the UCSD Bookstore, Perks Coffee Shop, Buffini & Company, The California Review, Papillon Tails Pet Shop, and many other companies and small businesses. He currently works with San Diego radio-show host Carl DeMaio as his senior digital director.

Dylan chose to participate in the Gentle Pine project because he loved to illustrate and he believed in Candace's vision and story. To this day, he cherishes the message of the book, as it and the opportunity to bring it to life inspired him when he was a young teenager to continue pursuing his artistic dreams. He hopes that others will find joy in the story's message and take solace in that we all have a purpose even if we're not aware of it. Dylan would like to thank Candace Conradi for the chance to work on The Gentle Pine's Purpose and his parents, friends, and the rest of his family for their love and support.

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