The Original 8' Noble Fir that inspired the story

For every season there is a purpose ...

A message from the author ...

In 2010 a newly purchased Christmas tree inspired the story of "The Gentle Pine's Purpose." As I look back, it reminds me of our connection with nature and how, if we listen to the soft murmurs of its voice, it will speak to us.

From the beginning, the journey was filled with coincidences, serendipity, and mysticism. The 8' Noble Fir spoke to me. So many of the thoughts and inspiration that shaped the book's journey showed up when it arrived in our life. 

The Gentle Pine was continually fragrant, strong in trunk and branch. It's aromatic pine aroma filled our home and never waned. I awakened one morning in January with the complete story, almost written on some ethereal papyrus, and simply "took dictation" as the words poured onto the page.

The Tao Te Ching says, in essence, tells us do nothing and the doing gets done. That 8' Noble taught me one of the greatest lessons any creative person could ever receive. 

The truth of Gentle Pine is as eternal as the stars. Its many layered lessons have taken me years to understand. As I look back, the many gifts this book simply keeps on giving. What I do understand is that there is a calling deep within each us, hidden beneath the layered opinions of "have to's, should be's, and need to's" that calls us to be authentically ourselves, to move through life as though every simple day is an opportunity to live the miracle of our unique self. It's the humbling "purpose" we are all called to do; to be comfortable in our skin and live as fully, as correctly, as possible. 

Every person's presence is a gift to the world. Gentle Pine taught me that we are all connected in some way. In the end, that's the gift we give back to ourselves.

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 ... waiting within us and hidden beneath the layered opinions of "have to's, should be's, and need to's" is a glowing light that is purposeful, unique, and waiting to be recognized ... not by others, but by you.